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no lies

i m cross posting this all around th world

since y'all gave me gifts, I'm a-give you one: the 16 most ESSENTIAL and DEATH-NEGATING comix books o.a.t.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love & Rockets (everything but especially the original series of oversize comix pamphlets, which you still come across in older comix shops sometimes) by Los Bros Hernandez -- This is the Bible, or the Koran. I would suicide-bomb for it.

Epileptic by David B. -- There's not a whole lot to the dialogue + captions, but this is a warm-blooded KILLER if you are PAYING ATTENTION to its SIGN LANGUAGE.

Gemma Bovery by Posy Simmonds -- the TRUTH about MEN expressed in a breezy and un-neurotic style

Palestine by Joe Sacco -- Nobody can put you inside a physical room quite like Joe Sacco can.

Storeyville by Frank Santoro -- It REDEFINED colour and atmosphere for me and reinforced some FEELINGS I've long had about the nature of friendship.

Rubber Blanket by David Mazzucchelli -- Best "loose" cartooning style I've seen, and his story about getting confused between Map and Territory tends to come back on you like bad acid but in a good way.

Ganges by Kevin Huizenga -- In a lot of ways, this is an extension of Mazzucchelli's discursive voice -- is K.H. a fan? -- except transplanted into a regular-looking guy whose face suggests he escaped from Ernie Bushmiller's universe. Now he lives in a peaceful, boring, early-21st-century suburban setting, and wrings magick from it. Glenn Ganges is America's foremost suburban sorcerer ...

Alec by Eddie Campbell -- ... and Campbell's alter ego Alec MacGarry might be the top discursive sorcerer for the rest of the English-speaking world. I really prefer Campbell's intoxicated/intoxicating essays in Alec and Bacchus to his more tightly-structured work with Alan Moore in From Hell, but it's ALL magick and all genius.

Promethea by Alan Moore and J.H. Williams III -- This is the nerdiest choice on here by far, but Williams' cartooning is too deLIGHTful to ignore or deny. Probably not as much of a page-turner as Watchmen and def not as much of a tear-jerker as V for Vendetta, but far trippier than either, and dang! every page is full of grace and sign language.

Kings in Disguise by James Vance and Dan Burr -- Perhaps the best John Cassavetes movie in comix (if JC did period pieces) and one of the v. few successful attempts at unadorned naturalism in an extended comix narrative (Jason Lutes' Berlin also comes to mind, but he's not done yet.).

Ghost World by Daniel Clowes -- It seems that 99 percent of my all-time favourite comix are about friendship in one way or another. Ghost World might be a perfect distillation of the good qualities of all of them -- mysterious, sad, comforting, comfortable, strange, wholehearted, and hilarious. DON'T try to talk to me about the movie, and don't try to talk to me about Adrian Tomine, as I have no use for either of those things.

Cerebus by Dave Sim -- I don't even try recommending this to people anymore, as it's 6000 pages long, and its latter half is encumbered by an increasingly unsubtle load of Mr Sim's politics, most infamously his attitudes toward women. Still, for world-building in comix, Dave Sim and his collaborator Gerhard are absolutely the sticker Dwight Howard put on the glass when he did that dunk in the dunk contest! FURTHERMORE a lot of "lesser" cartoonists could learn a lot by paying attention to Sim's characters' facial expressions and body language. He's a master, and I give him his props.

Binky Brown Meets th Holy Virgin Mary by Justin Green -- the TRUTH about MEN, and the most neurotic comix story in comix history thus far (which is saying a lot in a field crowded with the likes of Chris Ware, Robert Crumb, Charles Schulz, Maria Sputnik, anybody Japanese, etc., etc., etc., etc.)

The Rabbi's Cat by Joann Sfar -- If I say the word discursive one more time in this post I owe you a million dollars, but here is J. Sfar working in an easy, rambling style as you sit -- elbow on knee, chin on palm -- listening and smote. Motherfucker has the market CORNERED on talking cats, damn him!

Black Hole by Charles Burns -- the emperor of creepy

Hicksville by Dylan Horrocks -- All right, it's comix about comix, so I don't talk about it to people outside the fraternity/sorority; but it's a genius world, and not a day goes by when I don't want to live there.

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"So yo then man what's your story?"

sequential overdose

every Friday, Tom Spurgeon over @ Comics Reporter asks his readers to provide their top 5 responses to a comics-related question; but this week he composed a list of 25 questions and asked readers to choose 5 to answer. They were pretty fun questions! I ended up answering 14 out of 25:

1. What is your favorite stand-alone publication of the last five years?
Ganges #1

3. What is your favorite webcomic?

5. What is your favorite comics web site that is not a link- or commentary-blog?

8. List the names of the comics shops that have beenyour shop in your lifetime of buying comics.
http://www.bigplanetcomics.com/ - Vienna, VA (They invented SPX.)

11. Who is the Greatest Living Cartoonist?
Eddie Campbell

Well what is it den.

12. Name the female cartoonist highest up in your personal pantheon.
Posy Simmonds

harrowing account

13. Name the cartoonist with a non-white South American or African heritage highest up in your personal pantheon.
Los Bros

brown power

14. Who is the world's most under-appreciated cartoonist?
Joann Sfar. I know he is appreciated, but it should be way more. Rabbi's Cat's trailer inspires Pantheon to print 900,000 more copies of Rabbi's Cat, in my fantasy.


15. Name a cartoonist you know is great but whose work you find hard to enjoy.
Ware (which is not to say I don't)

16. What was the first comic that you remember buying after the last time you stopped buying comics?
Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man #98, featuring Black Cat

Love will tear us apart.

17. What comic do you plan to revisit one day?
alone etc.

18. Name a comic that was even better when you tracked it down than you remember it being the first time.
Elektra: Assassin - really corny and dated, but a real page-turner

Let's action!

19. What is the worst comic in your collection that you keep for reasons other than its quality?
Chris Claremont's late-1980s Uncanny X-Men

bad acting

22. Name a comics figure this site has never interviewed you'd like to see interviewed.
Eve Gilbert
I like cats, what can I say

2. Name three US vice-presidents in the order that they occur to you.
Gore, Bush, Biden (:

3. Name a movie that shouldn't have been remade and a movie that should be.
The Shop around the Corner shouldn't have been, When Harry Met Sally should be

4. Otto Graham, Joe Montana or Tom Brady?
Montana 4LIFE

5. If you could have any middle name in the world not "Bronislaw," what would it be?

Anybody else wants to play, be my guests!!

fourth round begins now

yo ! Our "hated" friends @ komix_klatch kidnapped Japanese hero Dr. Osamu Tezuka for their own:


Now it starts to get really interesting, I think, because Tezuka mighta been th last really consensus pick available (judging by our tastes, naturally)!

(There are still tons of "canonical" picks we ain't got to yet.)

Ah'm going w/ Eddie Campbell, ah think

excited about this

but there's still Chris Ware, Charles Burns, Debbie Drechsler, Posy Simmonds, Alan Moore, Will Eisner, R. Crumb, Kim Deitch, Gary Panter, Alex Raymond, Milt Caniff, Hal Foster, Dave Sim, Hank Ketcham, Jim Woodring, Kevin Huizenga, Bill Watterson, John Porcellino, Jules Feiffer, Howard Cruse, Cliff Sterrett, Frank King, Lewis Trondheim, Joann Sfar, Jason, Carol Tyler, Tony Millionaire, Maria Sputnik, David Mazzuchelli, Walt Kelly, Chester Brown, Bill Griffith, Kaz, Phoebe Gloeckner, Harvey Pekar, Spain, Sergio Aragones, Paul Chadwick, Mary Fleener, Carol Swain, Daniel Clowes, guy who does Dilbert, etc., etc., etc., etc.

round three begin

balls are in our courts, halohalomofokos. Th Others have anointed Th King, Jack Kirby, leaving us w/ only a buhzillion brilliant leftovers to choose from.

Who shall it be?

I know next to nothing 'bout this guy.
Osamu Tezuka?

long day @ th office
Will Eisner?

I have a dream ...
Jim Woodring?

Can look @ this stuff forever.
Hank Ketcham?

exactly like it
Kevin Huizenga?

Don't need no other friends.
Bill Watterson?

MZA idiot MZA bastard MZA pussy
Eddie Campbell?

boom boom BOOM BOOM
R. Crumb?

What it is.
Lynda Barry?

All comix is time travel.
Alan Moore?


Show eye candy.