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Things Xaime Hernandez talks about to Frank Santoro in this panel that I missed @ SPX 2012:

  • how the long-term passage of time in Xaime's comix is so satisfying, and how this might result from a certain nostalgic leaning in Xaime's personality

  • how the passage of time in comix is unique in a formal sense, in that when we read from one panel to the next, the previous panel is still there (built-in nostalgia?)

  • the ending sequence of the film The Eddy Duchin Story and how it relates to "The Death of Speedy", and how that part always makes Xaime cry when he watches it (He starts to tear up just from talking about it in the panel)

  • why fantastic elements continue to appear in Locas even though the story has evolved away from adventure and into the close documentation of adult relationships (Hint: it's fun)

  • how there's no way he woulda been able to tell this story for 30 years if he'd had grand concepts or epic stories in mind, and how he's had to rely on characters who write themselves

  • how he and Gilbert had to invent their jobs for themselves because there was no infrastructure for novelistic comix when they first started

  • the possibility that his characters and Gilbert's inhabit one world in which a distant cousin of one of Xaime's characters is a distant cousin of one of Gilbert's characters

  • how MTV once approached Xaime about doing an animated promo in which Xaime's protagonists spraypaint the MTV logo on a wall, and Xaime answered, "Maggie and Hopey don't watch MTV ......"

Love this guy:

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