May 15th, 2011


eight strip sunday week five

not a lot of jokes this week. Mostly eye candy and eye crossword puzzles. I have been thinking about how odd the relationship is between comix and its own past. No other art form has spent so much effort distancing itself from its immature origins, and also stubbornly embracing and celebrating those origins. No avid comix reader denies that some of the most advanced practitioners of the form (Barks, Kirby, Toth) were producing work mainly for children, and yet we find ourselves in the awkward position of reserving for these masters the same sort of reverence readers of English literature reserve for Shakespeare and Faulkner. It seems like a recipe for neuroses. What if the world's greatest artist is a children's artist? How would I go about recommending Milt Gross to somebody who stopped watching Looney Tunes 20 years ago? Well, none of these questions are new for comix, and I'm not about to solve the public relations dilemmas of comix history in a paragraph. But I will suggest that it's nice not to have to choose between one kind of comix and another. I like every kind -- children's comix, weird comix, science fiction comix, porn comix, journalistic comix, psychedelic comix, none of the above comix, and comix that are all of these at once. One of the selections below is an excerpt from a Hot Wheels toy tie-in.

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Gerry Conway, Sal Buscema, Vince Colletta, Al Wenzel, & Charlotte Jetter (excerpt from Marvel Team-Up #36, August 1975):
Spider-Man is an alcoholic

Alex Toth:

Mort Walker:
in bed fucking yr wife

Kevin Huizenga:
Click through a few times to see this one BIG.

Doug Wright:
Canada, Friendly Giant to th North

Ernie Bushmiller:
Mulholland Dr

Aidan Koch:
'I have no dream.  I couldn't remember my dream.'  --MLK

Richard McGuire, excerpt from "Untitled" (2004):
Everything's a vehicle

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