May 1st, 2011


eight strip sunday week three

oatmeal with almond butter and honey, strawberries, sparkling water, Celtics versus Heat, Bill Evans, and a fresh Sunday comix page. As usual, click through for sources.

Josh Cotter:
spare me

Tom Gauld, adaptation of Pretty Woman:

Jillian Tamaki:
Meanwhile, my father was not mysterious enough

Bill Ward, excerpt from Campus Loves #2, 1949:
'Go ahead, chum! She never says no!'

Anthony Clark:

Jim Behrle + whoever's drawing Archie:
words words words words masturbate words words

Anders Nilsen:
He Got Game

Luigi Serafini, excerpt from Codex Seraphinianus, 1981:
multiple orgasms

+ + +

In unrelated comix-related news, I never knew that José Rizal, the Philippines' founding father, was a cartoonist, too. According to Dennis Villegas, Rizal's "Monkey and the Tortoise" is the earliest known Filipino comix strip. The scans at that second link are just big enough to hint at Dr Rizal's ease with the medium. His rough but fluid mark-making reminds me of Joann Sfar.

Speaking of the revolution, happy May Day, babbies.