November 2nd, 2010


kevin huizenga on the ones and zeroes

"i often feel that I'm not really a true artist or a writer, just a fan who's playing make-believe. The inner compulsion I have is to put together something with a kind of complex structure, with some complex arrangement of things that surprises me, or makes me feel like my favorite comics do. The other compulsion is an addiction to the flow of work and daydreaming that happens when I'm working on something and it's going well -- a state that became more and more difficult for me to get into in the late Zeroes, with all the distractions available with the Internet and piles of books and streaming movies and etc. etc. More and more I have to fight to carve out a clean, empty space and deny myself the pleasures of browsing and sorting through collections of things."
-- Kevin Huizenga

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