October 12th, 2010


In Pablo Holmberg's Eden everything in the landscape can talk to every other thing in the landscape.

been reading hella comix lately; the week-end's most pleasing discovery was a book called Eden (Drawn & Quarterly, 120 pp., $16.95), by an Argentinian guy named Pablo Holmberg.  It's presented as a comix novel but is constructed out of one-page jokes that stand well alone -- cf. Daniel Clowes' Ice Haven and Wilson, Lewis Trondheim's Little Nothings series, Jim Rugg & Brian Maruca's Afrodisiac, and Seth's Wimbledon Green for recent variations on this technique -- though Holmberg seems less interested in world- or character-building or unfolding a narrative than he is in encouraging a peaceful, attentive state of mind -- one that is more likely to be receptive to a natural world in which trees, stars, angels, mushrooms, skulls, and food speak to people.  In fact, people in this world are just another thing that talks.

It turns out that Holmberg's book started its life as webcomix, all or most of which may be viewed here.  They are in Spanish, but many are wordless.  I typed out a few translations as they appeared in the book, with the exception of the one about wind, which I fed into Google; it is still better experienced as a book in the hand, as usual.

1.  Tree:  "What's there beyond the mountains?"  King:  "A valley with a lake.  A forest and thousands of flowers and animals."
2.  "Must be a beautiful sight."



1.  "I like the orange clouds at sunset."
2.  "I like the orange clouds at sunset."
3.  "I like the orange clouds at sunset."
4.  "I was going to tell you something, but I can't remember what it was."


4.  "You were right."

1.  "I feel empty, sad, confused, annoyed, disillusioned."
2.  "I wish a spear would fall from above and puncture me from one side to the other."




2.  "You must save the world from hatred."
4.  "But I only came here to fish."


4.  "You can get dressed now."
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