July 27th, 2010


just poetry

ain't never read Joseph Campbell, but now I want to:

In Weathercraft, I refer overtly to The Hero’s Journey, as Joseph Campbell called it. There are a lot of direct quotes from a number of those stories. But the thing that makes the whole concept of The Hero’s Journey and The Hero With A Thousand Faces so interesting is that it's not just poetry. Those stories are actually a sort of manual for achieving specific results. The Hero’s Journey that transforms a person is an option everybody has. The Hero’s Journey is the terminology everybody uses for it now, but I don't think that the person who's going through it feels very much like a hero. I think that's kind of misleading. For most people, it's a compulsion or a sense of being driven to embark upon a campaign or embrace a certain discipline. It's in Weathercraft, too, the idea that there's something real behind that story. I think the idea behind all those myths and folktales that Joseph Campbell rounded up is that you can change yourself. A person at war with himself or herself can become someone solidly on the side of life. You can transform the kind of human being you are into something most human beings can't even recognize.

-- Jim Woodring, interviewed @ The Onion on his latest masterpiece/classic

Ryan Pequin has been doing some nice strips:
ryan pequin,comix

Yo, I heard that Jaime is going to be @ SPX -- let's go