June 28th, 2010


unclench you batty

here are four images yoinked from Brandon Graham's new blog. There are a lot more over there, with brief comments on what he loves about these panels: have a look! Brandon Graham's one of these guys who've probably forgotten more than I'll ever know about comix.

First up, Thomas Herpich, demonstrating the power of subtraction:
It worked for me.

Next, that pervert Milo Manara, thinking out loud about the effects of draftsmanship in an art form that does not demand it:
This is not a little girl.

Third, Katsuhiro Otomo of Akira fame -- remember to read from right to left!
Soylent Green is people.

Katsuhiro Otomo again, being cinematic in the good way:

I love cities.

Coming soonish, a roundup of my favourites so far in 2010 ...! Hope y'all have had a good first half.

Love <33 (& rockets),