March 22nd, 2010


reid fleming

david Boswell's Reid Fleming, World's Toughest Milkman, was a mainstay of the early 1980s semi-underground comix world. Its namesake protagonist was a superhero in the sense that he sometimes performed feats of superhuman strength/speed, and his actions sometimes resulted in the reversal of injustice. But mostly he was an asshole. Allergic to all authority figures, the world's toughest milkman victimized his bosses and his customers repeatedly, but never got fired. Why? Because everybody was terrified of him! I was thrilled recently to discover that Boswell is still drawing Reid Fleming strips to this day, and they are even better than the early ones. His drawing is charmingly rough; his timing, precise; and his use of space, dynamic. Best of all, there are ingenious solutions to (implicit) visual puzzles in practically every strip. Behold:

He's on Filipino time.

Fuck th police.

I will bet you anything that David Boswell owns a dog:
pack leader


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Reid Fleming: hero to natural jerks everywhere!

(Even when he loses, he wins.)