September 6th, 2008


sequential overdose

every Friday, Tom Spurgeon over @ Comics Reporter asks his readers to provide their top 5 responses to a comics-related question; but this week he composed a list of 25 questions and asked readers to choose 5 to answer. They were pretty fun questions! I ended up answering 14 out of 25:

1. What is your favorite stand-alone publication of the last five years?
Ganges #1

3. What is your favorite webcomic?

5. What is your favorite comics web site that is not a link- or commentary-blog?

8. List the names of the comics shops that have beenyour shop in your lifetime of buying comics. - Vienna, VA (They invented SPX.)

11. Who is the Greatest Living Cartoonist?
Eddie Campbell

Well what is it den.

12. Name the female cartoonist highest up in your personal pantheon.
Posy Simmonds

harrowing account

13. Name the cartoonist with a non-white South American or African heritage highest up in your personal pantheon.
Los Bros

brown power

14. Who is the world's most under-appreciated cartoonist?
Joann Sfar. I know he is appreciated, but it should be way more. Rabbi's Cat's trailer inspires Pantheon to print 900,000 more copies of Rabbi's Cat, in my fantasy.


15. Name a cartoonist you know is great but whose work you find hard to enjoy.
Ware (which is not to say I don't)

16. What was the first comic that you remember buying after the last time you stopped buying comics?
Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man #98, featuring Black Cat

Love will tear us apart.

17. What comic do you plan to revisit one day?
alone etc.

18. Name a comic that was even better when you tracked it down than you remember it being the first time.
Elektra: Assassin - really corny and dated, but a real page-turner

Let's action!

19. What is the worst comic in your collection that you keep for reasons other than its quality?
Chris Claremont's late-1980s Uncanny X-Men

bad acting

22. Name a comics figure this site has never interviewed you'd like to see interviewed.
Eve Gilbert
I like cats, what can I say

2. Name three US vice-presidents in the order that they occur to you.
Gore, Bush, Biden (:

3. Name a movie that shouldn't have been remade and a movie that should be.
The Shop around the Corner shouldn't have been, When Harry Met Sally should be

4. Otto Graham, Joe Montana or Tom Brady?
Montana 4LIFE

5. If you could have any middle name in the world not "Bronislaw," what would it be?

Anybody else wants to play, be my guests!!