August 11th, 2008


f i f t y years

40 bucks cover price

am about 2/3 of th way through th Acme Novelty Datebook--a book I bought 5 years ago and am only jest now getting around to perusing--and have to remark that loneliness and a deep concern for getting loved (and laid) must never be underestimated as a motivator for comix-making!

This is page after self-deprecating page of Chris Ware's sketches, first drafts, experiments, and (as he explains in his intro) attempts "to learn to 'see' better". Next to these drawings he often jots self-exhortations such as

"none of this sort of thinking is gonna do me any good"
"What's wrong with me?"
"Grow up!"
"incredibly pompous self-portrait"
"one thing's for sure ... YOU'RE FULL OF BAD IDEAS!"
"LOOSEN UP!" (This one recurs several times.)

--and while it is fascinating to "witness" someone who's so good @ drawing engage in such dramatic self-doubt, it is also more than a bit tiresome ...... and completely expected.

What is nice is seeing a looser side of Mr. Ware's drawings, although I still wish some of this looseness would make its way into his finished comix. It's no wonder he has to remind himself repeatedly to Get Loose.

I found this picture while dicking around on th Internet; it's one of my favourite sequences from Acme Novelty Library, and a pretty good encapsulation of th Chris Ware mood:

big city life

Meanwhile, here's Julie Doucet on why she quit comix:

That's what's killing me about a lot of those comics guys. Dan Clowes is mostly a writer, a great artist, and has tried different things. But a lot of those guys, their drawing style never change--the content neither--and it seems it never will. I just don't understand that, how you can spend fifty years of your artist life doing the same thing over and over again.

--but den here's a rebuttal of sorts from th Charles M. Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa, CA:

50 years 4 real

Finally, yesterday apparently was Eddie Campbell's birthday, which works out perfectly for us here @ halohalomofoko because it looks like he's th next inductee into our Comix Hall Of Fame--soon as ah get some time to research and write a decent testimonial for him ...!